Registration is Now Open

Registration for 2019-20 sports will open July 1.  Please click on the link below to be directed to the online registration page. When registering be sure to select Fall 2019, you may also register for winter and springs sports if you want.

When finished with the registration  you be directed to the payment page, you must pay at that time or click the “save and finish later tab”.  Your registration is not complete until your fee is paid. If you need additional time to pay your fee please contact Mike Streitz to work out a payment arrangement. You may also submit a check to the Athletic Department and they will complete the registration process.

Click HERE for Online Registration

Please contact Mike Streitz if you have any questions


Volleyball Girls 9-12 (Fee $95) Boys Basketball 9-12 (Fee $95) Boys Baseball 9-12 (Fee $95)
Volleyball Girls 5-8 (Fee $75) Boys Basketball 5-8 (Fee $75) Boys Baseball 5-8 (Fee $75)
Boys Soccer 9-12 (Fee $95) Girls Basketball 9-12 (Fee $95) Girls Softball 9-12 (Fee $95)
Girls Soccer 9-12 (Fee $95) Girls Basketball 5-8 (Fee $75) Girls Softball 5-8 (Fee $75)
Girls Swimming 8-12 (Fee $125) Boys Hockey 9-12 (Fee $750) Boys Track 7-12 (Fee $95)
Football Boys 9-12 (Fee $125) Girls Hockey 9-12 (Fee $1000) Girls Track 7-12 (Fee $95)
Football Boys 5-8 (Fee $75) Wrestling 7-12 (Fee $95)  
Cheer 9-12 (Fee $95) Boys Swimming 8-12 (Fee $125)  
Cross Country 7-12 (Fee $95) Cheer 9-12 (Fee $95)  
  Boys and Girls Alpine Ski 8-12 (Fee $125)


Playing on a High School Team Must Read Below

All students participating in a high school sport must turn in the following forms to the Athletic Office.

1. Fill out and sign the MSHSL Athletic Eligibility Statement and MSHSL Annual Sports Questionnaire.  Both forms must be signed by athlete and parent/guardian and need to be completed once a year.  Once you have signed these forms, you are agreeing to the obligations the entire calendar year, not just the sports season in which you are active.

MSHSL Eligibility Form

2. Ensure you have an up-to-date Sports Qualifying Physical Exam on file with the health office.  Sports Qualifying Physicals are valid for three years from the date of the physical.

MSHSL Physical Exam Form